Project SafeNet

Project SafeNet

My future

You might have started the addictive behavior because it gave you pleasure or it helped relieve feelings of discomfort in your daily life. Or, you might have started the addictive behavior in order to fit in with others.

No matter what reason that triggered the addictive behavior, you may have reached a stage where you are feeling the need to do something about your addiction as it is having a harmful effect on your life.

At one point, you might say to yourself that you had control over the behavior or substance use, and it wasn’t creating problems in your life. However, the addictive behavior has gradually taken over your self-control and determination, and is affecting your life negatively.

This session aims to help you evaluate your addictive behavior and the adverse effects caused by the addictive behavior. Attached is an exercise “My Future” that will help you reviewing how your addictive behavior is impacting your life right now.

How will your life look five years from now if you continue to engage in the addictive behavior? And, how would your life be different if you stopped engaging in your addictive behavior? Try to compare these two versions and decide which one is your preferred life.

Again, at any time if you would like to talk to a counselor, please call our hotline on 28271000.