Project SafeNet

Project SafeNet

I 'm ready

The decision to make a change to your addictive behavior does not come easy. This section aims to help you formulate some possible plans to make that change.

Changes will never happen without concrete plans and strategies. Thus, when you decide to make a change, a plan that is concrete, measurable and achievable would always be a key to enhance your confidence and chance of success.

In this section, you can try to write down some of your ideas in the worksheet “My change plan” (5.6.1). For example, if you think that improving your health will help you strengthen self-control and make yourself less dependent on your addiction, then you can put down “improving my health” as your change goal.

The concrete plan to achieve the goal can be “doing exercise (walking in the park nearby) twice a week” or “having balanced diet (eat two serves of fruits) every day”. Let’s take the first step and you will find every simple small step you make will lead to a fruitful change in your life.

Throughout your course of change, receiving support from family and friends is inevitably essential. Therefore, please try to talk to somebody that you trust about the interferences or challenges that you may encounter, and to jointly work out some possible ways to deal with these interferences.

If you have any questions while filling the worksheet, or if you want to talk to a counselor, you can us on 28271000.