Project SafeNet

Project SafeNet

Start a new chapter

Congratulation, you have put great effort and have come to the last session of this program! Although successful change does not happen overnight, your dedication and persistence will continue to enhance your self-confidence and lead to success in the end.

When you start moving away from your addiction problem, you may have more time and space to develop your interests, recognize your strengths, rebuild a healthy social network and learn to appreciate yourself and enjoy life more.

Having a healthy and balanced life is very important in your recovery process. It will increase your resilience and prevent you from a relapse. A healthy and balanced life may include a plan to exercise, study, develop a hobby, attend a support group, join an emotion management or finance management class and so on.

This process of reconstructing your life is not easy. You will face challenges or discouragement. You will need support and persistence to continue your plan. You can discuss your plan with a friend, a family member or a counselor. It is important to have a concrete and achievable plan.

It is always helpful to start with something simple. For example, having a 20 minute walk once a week is a good place to start exercising. Sometimes, you may need to adjust your plan by trial and error. It is crucial that you don’t give up trying. This will lead to success in achieving your goal.

You can use the attached worksheet “Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle” (5.8.1) as a guide to develop your healthy and balanced life. Again, if you feel that you need to talk to a counselor or call our hotline on 28271000.

Having lapses is not uncommon in the process of change. When you encounter life events that trigger a lapse and relapse, all you need to do is to stay calm and re-evaluate your old strategies and make some new ones. And, you can choose to go through this self-help program again or call our hotline at 2827 1000 to anytime.