Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

Alcohol has been used for thousands of years and is one of the oldest and most commonly abused psychotropic substances in the world. When it is used in excess and in a prolong period of time, it may cause alcohol abuse or dependence that may cause physical and psychological harms to the person.

Alcohol dependence has the following characteristics:
1. Craving: strong desire to drink
2. Losing control: being unable to stop once started
3. Withdrawal: group of symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shaking, tremors, feeling anxious
that occur when the person try to stop or decrease the amount of drinking
4. Tolerance: a need to drink greater amounts of alcohol progressively in order to reach the same effect

The Impact of Alcohol Abuse and Dependence

People with alcohol abuse and dependence spend considerable time on drinking that led to relinquishment of personal interests, and neglect of family and work. Heavy consumption in alcohol is harmful to the brain, liver and stomach that may further lead to memory loss or blackout, chronic insomnia, cirrhosis and chronic gastritis. Moreover, people who suffer from alcohol abuse and dependence may encounter injuries or engage in criminal activities, such as drink driving.

Most people with alcohol abuse and dependence resume quality lives after receiving medical treatment and psychotherapies.
Formal diagnosis and treatment should be provided by professional practitioners. If you suspect yourself, your partner, your family member, or your friend having alcohol dependence, please call our hotline on 2827 1000.