Project SafeNet


Welcome to Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (TWGHs) Integrated Centre on Addiction Prevention and Treatment (ICAPT) Online Self-Help Program. If your addiction problem leads to the following crisis: health issues, emotional distress, decline in work/study performance, family conflicts, interpersonal relationship problems or legal issues, this program can help you assess your addictive behavior and assist you in making a plan to make changes. Whether you are still hesitating or ready to change, this program, consisting of six sections, will help you learn more about your feelings and needs behind the addiction problem.

Have you ever thought of making change but didn’t know where to start? Have you ever doubted your ability to make change? Or are you affected by past failures? Failures and lack of confidence are common in the process of change. Feeling confused and ambivalent about the addictive behavior or making change is normal and it is a stage that everyone must go through before any concrete changes take place. So it will be helpful for you to understand the challenges that you may face when going through this self-help program.

You may complete each section according to your own pace, but we recommend you to spend at least one week to complete one section and set a daily schedule to reflect and observe the changes in you. If you are using this program through smartphone Apps, you may choose your own “Daily Encouragement” and symbols for your daily reminder. You can also reset the default time and contents, or remove the reminder alert function according to your own needs.

You may go through the program by yourself without involving anyone else. However, it will be helpful to have a supporter – someone who understands what you want to do and is willing to spend time discussing your struggles and achievements. If you need extra support or professional consultation, you can call ICAPT hotline on 2827 1000. Please feel free to send us your feedbacks anytime throughout the program. This will help us adjust the content of this self-help program and provide a better service to you and other people wanting to make changes regarding to their addiction problems.

That’s it! Let’s start the first section.