Other Addictions

In our society, there are many other addiction problems apart from those we have listed, such as addiction on work, stealing or exercise. Given the rising trend for plastic surgery, it is suggested to be another addictive behavior. Due to limited evidence from research and studies, the above addiction problems are not yet included in the clinical field.

However, serious attention should be paid when the following situations happen with the behavior:

  • If an individual continues a certain kind of repeated and habituated behavior despite there are physical, psychological or social impairments;
  • The behavior becomes frequent and out-of-control
  • When the person try to stop or decrease the behavior, withdrawal symptoms appear and lead to further engagement of the behavior.
People with addiction problems can resume to a healthy and meaningful life with appropriate treatment and support from family and friends. Treatment and diagnosis should be provided by professional practitioners. If you suspect yourself, your partner, your family member, or your friend having an addiction, please call our hotline on 2827 1000.